How To Be A Good Music

Learn How To Read Sheet Music

If you look all over the internet you will find that many sites offer free sheet music for just about every instrument. When looking for sheet music especially piano sheet music there are many different genres to choose from and this makes finding the music much easier. As the turn of the century arrived piano sheet music became very popular among young adults, many people were playing the piano and parlor music became the new trend to sweep the country, this made sheet music very popular. So much so, that every home had a piano and more often than not at least one member of the family could play it.

Sometimes it is hard to read sheet music, this is not because it is hard in general it just takes practice, the more you practice reading the sheet music the better you will becomes at it. When learning any instrument and you want to learn like a pro you need to learn the sheet music, understand it and process it.

Music directors and other musicians use sheet music for different songs and it covers many different vocal ranges and instruments. It will only teach you how to play songs and compositions by

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Layering Sounds For Your Music Production

Slapping a whole load of sounds on top of each other usually results in a muddy incoherent mess so what are the secrets of creating a rich, full sounding, thick mix? We’ll explore a few of the tips and tricks that you can use to clean up that mix.

1) Kick Drums: choose your sounds carefully, layering several kick drums with the qualities that you like can result in a thunderous speaker flapping kick, so flick through you sample collection and choose some favourites. Load them up into your sampler of choice – NI Battery is especially good for this since it gives you easy access to individual controls for each drum hit.
Now comes the fun part: try tuning each kick separately as well as filtering (high pass filters work great for cutting unwanted low frequencies from kicks) and balancing the volumes of each. You may want to shorten some of the samples down so you only get the portion of the sound that you like too. Compression with a high attack and fast release may also help to give your layered kick extra ‘smack’. Layering a closed high-hat on top may also help you get some serious impact here.

Kleer, High End Digital Wireless Audio

Bluetooth wireless devices stream compressed audio, if you are listening to CDs with a bluetooth wireless device you are not actually getting CD quality audio, youre listening to compressed audio like mp3s. And if you are listening to mp3s, then your audio is going to be re-compressed, further reducing the quality. This has been my main issue with wireless devices to date, well, that and the constant signal loss. When you buy Kleer enabled wireless devices you no longer have to worry about any of that. You get the same quality audio as you would expect from your wired hardware.

Another benefits of Kleer technology is the ultra low power consumption. This enables companies to create products that are truly wireless. Imagine, battery powered speakers that eliminate all wires, no audio cable and no power cord! I dont know if that would work with the amazing (but large) Zikmu wireless speakers, but we already have it in the Sennheiser MX W1 Totally Wireless Earphones. These are great for traveling, you can sync them up with your ipod, then throw your ipod in your back and forget about it.

Kleer also reduces audio latency to less than 25 milliseconds, thats less than the

Kids Music – Audiation And Learning

An important building block for learning music skills and concepts is audiation. You may be familiar with the term inner hearing. The term audiation (inner hearing of music or silently hearing music) was coined by music education researcher Edwin E. Gordon.

Audiation is Gordons term for hearing music in the mind with understanding. It is the process of thinking music and comprehending music in the mind. Gordon describes audiation as the foundation of musicianship.

Audiation is the process of mentally hearing and comprehending music, even when no physical sound is present. It is a cognitive process by which the brain gives meaning to musical sounds. In essence, audiation of music is analogous to thinking in a language, as said by Edwin E. Gordon

Mary Ellen Pinzino states that audiation is a way of knowing in melody and rhythm. It is a unique human capacity outside the realm of words. To audiate is to “think” music, but in melody and rhythm rather than in words. Audiation is another way of knowing. Audiation is the musical imagination. It is the man-made music of the mind. It is the sound fantasy that provides the framework for understanding the music we listen to, the music we perform,

Karaoke – How to Karaoke

Karaoke anyone?

An enjoyable pastime is Karaoke. Aided by seeing the words to a song as they scroll across a television screen a person can enjoy Karaoke singing the lyrics with the help of the song playing softly in the background.

We all make our favorite music part of our everyday lives. If its not in the shower then maybe its in the car where we practice our signing skills. Who knows, you could be the next great sensational recording artist but probably youre like most of us and you just like to sing along to your favorite song. Whether its rap, rock and roll or country, with Karaoke you can find your style and become a star even if it is just with your close friends and family. Any way you slice it singing can bring a lot of joy and fun into any party or get-together. The great thing about Karaoke is that you dont have to quit your job to earn a living; you can karaoke any time you want.

Now that youve realized you want to Karaoke the next thing you have to decide is where and how?

Buying a small tot-able Karaoke machine is one option. Another option would

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Itunes Get Rid Of Duplicate Files And Albums

Creating a large library of music is a lot of fun for some, and highly addictive for others. You do not have to be a techie or computer guru to love music players, but you do need a bit of technical know-how when it comes to keeping your music player running efficiently. This is particularly true when you hear the same song over and over again, but you do not have your music player on repeat!

Wait, what’s going on here? Is my music player broken?

The problem is not that the “repeat” on your music player is not working effectively, but rather the fact that you have duplicate files and albums on your music player. This happens when music collections grow beyond the ability (or time because, let’s face it, we do tend to get lazy with these lists sometimes) to scroll through everything to make sure we are not downloading the same thing more than once.

Now that we have addressed the problem, how can this problem be fixed?

In order to get rid of duplicate files from iTunes, you need a piece of software. In order to finding and deleting duplicate files, it will also delete duplicate albums from iTunes. This

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Itunes Explained

iTtunes is primarily used for playing and organizing digital music and video files. iTunes developed by Apple Computer, is a digital media player. iTunes could be used as an interface to manage the music on iPods digital audio player. iTunes helps consumers in purchasing digital music and movie files by connecting to the iTunes music store. In addition to all this it provides users with many features for purchasing, organizing and playing music and is easy to use. They are also computer compatible.
iTunes helps users in organizing their music playlists, recording compact discs, editing and copying file information into a digital audio player, and transferring back up songs to a CD /DVD. iTunes also run a visualizer to display graphical effects to suit the music and also helps in encoding music into different audio formats.

Since iTunes support Smart Playlists (those that can be set for automatic updation), different criteria could be entered to control playlists. Playlists can be either played randomly by either playing songs from the same album or by following the sequence of artists. iTunes uses the shuffle algorithm for playing party tracks wherein you could select tracks with a high star rating. The Party shuffle playlist